Charles Dyer: Fugitive Alleged Child Rapist Seen Locally, FBI Ramping Up Search

The FBI says it has several credible sightings of fugitive Charles Dyer in the area, and they are ramping up the search and offering a $5,000 reward for tips leading to his arrest.

"We do suspect there are people in the area who have information on his whereabouts, and we're hoping the $5,000 brings in some information," the FBI's Shauna Dunlap tells Hair Balls.

He approached several people in Fort Bend County seeking a ride to Houston, KHOU reported. He was shirtless and obviously his bald dome gives him a look that stands out, but Dunlap says his appearance likely has changed since the mugshot.

"We think he's lost weight, has had some sun exposure, probably is visibly dirty and now has hair growth on his head and facial hair," she says.

Dyer was facing trial on charges he raped a six-year-old girl, but failed to appear in court on August 15, the FBI says.

He's believed to have access to firearms and is considered dangerous, so Dunlap says anyone who sees him should make no attempt at apprehending him but instead call 911 or the FBI locally at 713-693-5000.

The agency will also be putting Dyer's mug and info up on digital billboards near the airport and in Conroe, Dunlap said. Similar billboards will go up in 11 other states.

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