Charles Lee Bergeron Sr.: 80-Year-Old Child Molester Said He Blew Boys Because He Needed Testosterone

The prosecutor in his case called Charles Lee Bergeron Sr. "the sickest of the sick," a monster whose "fun house became a house of horror" for the many young boys he victimized, and from the details that follow, that's not prosecutorial hyperbole.

On Wednesday, in a Lake Charles court, before sentencing Bergeron to 120 years behind bars, Judge Clayton Davis said he had a mind to set Bergeron free to "just let him out and fend for himself" instead of saddling the state of Louisiana with paying for his health care.

Wow. Harsh. But if anyone deserves to be lambasted like that, it is this octogenarian monster from Westlake, Louisiana.

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According to the Lake Charles American-Press, in December, Bergeron pleaded guilty to 25 sex crimes. (He originally faced 76 charges, some of them for events dating back to 1975.)

Prosecutor Cynthia Guillory stated that Bergeron's M.O. was to invite young boys over, get them drunk or high (on Xanax and Soma, according to one victim) and then perform oral sex on them after they passed out.

"He said he told them that he was an old man and needed testosterone...needed their semen to live, basically," Guillory said. "Now that's sick."

You got that right. A vampiric molester.

Before Judge Davis brought down the hammer, Bergeron asked to withdraw his guilty plea and to proceed with a trial. "Mercy is all I can ask for," he said.

Both of the requests -- for a new trial and for mercy -- were summarily denied.

"We've heard enough from you," Judge Davis snapped. "You're not worth the time or the verbiage." Davis sentenced Bergeron to 120 years for 12 oral sexual battery counts, 84 years for 12 indecent behavior counts and 15 years for a single count of sexual battery.

Each of the sentences is the maximum and will be served concurrently, though it goes without saying that Bergeron will not be leaving prison. Davis granted that the sentences seemed outlandishly long, but said that there was "no basis for giving him anything less."

Let's hope this blowjob vampire spends that century-plus in solitary. We wouldn't want him to have access to what he believes is his life-giving essence.

Bergeron was already in prison for failing to register as a sex offender at his last address: a trailer park on Topsy Bel Road in the hamlet of Ragley. He had been convicted of molestation back in 2000.

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