Charlie Fondow's Eccentric House Is on the Market

Ten years ago we looked at the owner and builder of an extremely odd Third Ward house, Charlie Fondow. The guy just could not stop adding to his house in the 2300 block of Wichita, whether it was gables, turrets or proposed Plexigas elevators.

We learn today via Swamplot that the home is for sale.

The asking price is $325,000, which might be a little steep.

Inside photos show that most of the craziness is on the outside. It's cramped and knickknack-filled, but not over the top.

One commenter thinks the house is not long for this world:

This house will more than likely be torn down. It's a shame, really, because it's one of the most unique structures in town, but the list of people who, a) could afford the $300K price tag, and b) would want to live in a house that looks like Castle Grayskull, is probably pretty short.

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Richard Connelly
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