Charlie Sheen Has a Facebook Page!

Everyone has a Facebook page these days. It is surprising to find out someone doesn't have one, in fact, except for celebrities. They have a unique set of circumstances. Often, they will have a fan page, but having an actual personal page just for themselves and their friends can be really tricky.

But celebs want to post things on friends' pages, like stuff, poke people and play Farmville. Okay, no one likes to play Farmville, but you get the point.

Knowing all of the precautions famous folk have to take to protect their anonymity, it was a little surprising to find Charlie Sheen's page just out there for anyone and everyone to see. We were shocked to see how freely he posts things and, despite his run-ins with the law and growing stock of porn stars on his "payroll," the number of his friends who are in "the business."

We managed to grab a screenshot of the page and, well, it speaks for itself. Who knew Jon Cryer liked to take Facebook quizzes?

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