Charlie Wilson's War -- Over A UT Chair

Charlie Wilson, the hard-partying Congressman who fomented an Afghan war


a disappointing Tom Hanks movie, is in the crosshairs again.

A group in Lufkin wants to endow a chair in South Asian studies at the University of Texas; UT profs who know something about that region have sent a letter decrying the honoring of someone whom they believe did more harm than good over there.

As the Austin American-Statesman put it:

"Mr. Wilson's record as the key congressman who sent monies and munitions to the anti-Soviet mujahideen groups underscores the worrisome role the U.S. played in escalating the Soviet-Afghan conflict, with devastating consequences for the peoples of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States," wrote the professors, whose disciplines include sociology, philosophy, English, art history, South Asian studies and other fields.

UT officials told the paper they hadn't received the letter yet.

What the pointy-headed professors obviously don't realize is that Charlie Wilson is the perfect person to have a UT chair endowed for him.

UT, after all is one of the top ten party schools in the nation.

-- Richard Connelly

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