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Charter School Was Sex-Toy Hotbed, Lawsuit Claims

Being a teacher is a tough job, what with the squabbling kids, the disinterested parents, the constant badgering to buy dildos, the low sala -- say what now?

Three teachers are suing a Uvalde charter school, alleging they were fired because they refused to participate in parties selling sex toys. Not to mention that one of the women involved in the lubes-and-anal-beads business was unfairly promoted, they claim.

The den of debauchery that allegedly is the Gabriel Tafolla Academy in the small town west of San Antonio was sued by the former teachers, Courthouse News Service reports. They complained one of the teachers was a salesperson for Sensual Play Things (click here for a real deal on the E-Glass G-Spot Finder) and she would hold sales parties and distribute brochures on campus.

A TV station did a report on the claims earlier this summer, and it is well worth watching, if only because they disguise a teacher's voice so she sounds like Mickey Mouse on helium as she goes on about "candy shaped like penises" and "How would you like it if your child came home and said 'Mommy, look at what I found on my teacher's desk?'"

She also appears aghast at the thought that the merchandise included "lotions for shaving private areas," so we hope she never visits any drug stores or supermarkets.

The teachers claim a woman who took part in the parties was promoted to principal despite not being quailifed.

Officials of the charter school denied that claim and said things are being grossly exaggerated. The newly promoted prinicpal told KENS that "I used poor judgment. I saw the sexual material, but it never happened during school hours. It was only after school hours."

The plaintiffs claim they were fired after the TV news story aired.

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