Chase Langston Wiatt: Facebook Chronicles a Year of Alleged Petty (And Not-So-Petty) Crime

Chase Langston Wiatt has had quite a run, but with his latest felony arrest, the 19-year-old Crosby resident's luck might just have run out.

For the second time since June of 2009, Wiatt stands accused of assaulting someone with his car, and you would think this time around, the deferred adjudication he was given in the first case would be out of the question.

And not just because he is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Nope. That is just one topping on the deep dish pizza of criminal charges pending against Wiatt. Let's have a look at the records, shall we?

His odyssey of alleged offenses begins with the first assault case above, and continues with a pot bust in January of 2010. Seven months later he was arrested after allegedly waving a gun around in a roomful of people. That escapade landed him a charge of deadly conduct, a class A misdemeanor.

In November of last year, he was hit with a felony charge of credit/debit card abuse. Last Thursday he was allegedly caught with more weed and some Xanax, and then after that, he waited all of five days to rack up that second car-related assault.

Details are skimpy on the second car incident, but in the first, he was alleged to have knocked over a woman with his front bumper after a road rage fracas. The probable cause report stated that the arresting officer already knew Wiatt, who was by then barely an adult, by name and sight "through previous dealings."

So, if you're keeping score, from June of '09 through this week, Wiatt, a white kid from a relatively affluent area in suburban Crosby, has taken rides in cop cars from the Baytown Police Department, the Harris County Constables and the Harris County Sheriff's Department.

Someone, a person who might want to study up on the concept of tough love, has bonded him out five times. None of the cases have been resolved, so he's innocent until proven guilty and all that, but damn, yo...

And of course he has talked about some of it on his public Facebook page, too, where you can also see details of his stormy life with his baby mama "Tabatha."

Wiatt launched his new FB page in September, a few weeks after the deadly conduct bust, and for the first month, appeared to be trying to walk a righteous path, regularly quoting scripture and inspirational mottoes.

And then he changed his relationship status to single.

Tabatha sarcastically liked the change. And maybe feeling bested, Wiatt said he liked it too, and then upped the stakes, linking to Eminem's "Kim," the rapper's diatribe against his own baby mama. After venting thusly, Wiatt asked for permission to visit their infant daughter. Tabatha replied that he could do so the next day, and added that he should "grow up."

"Ha, Im grown homie," came his reply.

"act like it," Tabatha fired back. "u been hittin on 16 year old lil gurl ha, u really took a step up."

The next day found Wiatt manically reflective. In one hour's posting, he quoted the Bible, slammed Eminem for being a Freemason, implicated Jay-Z in the deaths of Tupac and Biggie Smalls, and praised 'Pac, Biggie, Bob Marley and Johnny Cash. (Say what you will about his behavior, and odd opinions, but the kid has pretty damn good taste.)

And then he crashed a few days later, writing this: "i wanna die ive never felt so much pain why??i feel like nothing"

Tabatha said she would always be there for him and said he was an "amazing guy who deserves a top-notch female," and added that she wished she could have been the one. "...but im not," she continued. "and i dnt think tht lil 16yr old is either tho u needa a woman not a kid."

An older man, perhaps a relative, told Wiatt to trust in God and that wisdom and maturity would come in time.

But by mid-October, Wiatt was lookin' to party, asking several friends where the action was.

On November 7, he was back in God mode. He posted a verse from Jeremiah: "I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the [Lord], thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

And then, four days later, he was busted for swiping someone's credit card.

All was quiet for a month, save for the news that he and Tabatha had renewed their Facebook friendship, despite his dalliance with the high school temptress.

On December 10, Wiatt linked to Z-Ro's "These Days," a typically "me-against-the-world" spiritual meditation from Houston's King of the Ghetto.

He would link to that video three more times in the next few months, and then once more to "Help Me, Please," another desperate Z-Ro lament, in early January. Great as Z-Ro the Crooked is, anybody that into his desperate rhymes cannot be in a very good place.

For a few days Wiatt was asking people to help him find a job, the ever-helpful Tabatha encouraging him on.

And then he got really stupid, like Jason Merksamer stupid. (Like Merksamer, Wiatt comes from a McMansion-dotted hood near a golf course.) With all those cases pending against him, and a scant two days after getting popped with weed (for the second time in a year) and Xanax, Wiatt had this to say:

"fuck the world and the laws i smoke if i want fuck the law im still smokin bitches haha cwiatt free ha"

Tabatha told him to get his act together, and Wiatt said he would.

Only he didn't. By Sunday night he was looking to party some more. And early Tuesday morning, there came distant early warning of the latest storm:

"somebody jacked my car wth is wrong wit this world i just want peace," he wrote.

Apparently Wiatt sought vengeance instead. Later that day he was busted for assaulting a guy with his vehicle. Bond in this latest case has not yet been set.

We'll give the long-suffering Tabatha the last word:

"Dang baby daddy im tired of u gettin locked up, this makes 6 times since our daughters been born foo, this sucks! Mayb wen u get out u can stay outta trouble an b da daddy adrianna needs cuz I kno u can do it if u try, u feel me make good choices, things gotta b different wen u get out foreal,"

Foreal indeed.

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