Boy, those dudes in the ACLU of Montana look pretty lonely...
Boy, those dudes in the ACLU of Montana look pretty lonely...
Screenshot, afa.net

Check Out "Christian" Group's Awesome Bigotry Map

They're out there -- anti-Christian groups that want to turn our children into homosexuals and sue God-fearing business owners into bankruptcy. But since many of the people in these groups are so good at concealing their horns and pointy tails, they've been able to hide in plain sight. Until now.

Thanks to the fine upstanding people at the American Family Association, there is now a "Bigotry Map" that pinpoints locations of "groups and organizations that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith." And it's a hoot.

According to the map, Texas is home to a handful of these insidious cells, including the Houston and Austin chapters of the Human Rights Campaign, whose agenda is described as "legalizing homosexual marriage by judicial activism, bullying American corporations to embrace sexual perversion, and encouraging lawsuits against Christian-owned businesses and states." (The map symbols for these two look like rainbow-flag hot air balloons. It's awesome).

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Dallas-Fort Worth is a veritable hub of hate, what with the Metroplex Atheists, Denton Atheists, HRC-DFW, and the Wise Free Thinkers and Skeptics doing all their non-prayer-led activities. But at least Texas doesn't have anything like the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network of Southeast Arkansas, which "infiltrates public schools with pro-homosexual indoctrination tactics, confusing many young people and misleading them into making dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle choices that will negatively affect their entire lives."

It's true. Some of them might turn gay and want to get married.

The map also exposes the flagrant intolerance of dangerous mobs like the South Jersey Humanists, the Rationalists of East Tennessee, the Reno Freethinkers, and (our favorite) the Black Nonbelievers of Detroit. One can only imagine the sort of havoc these maniacs could have wreaked on our nation had they not been exposed via silly little symbols on some weird map.

We urge everyone to call the AFA and report any groups the organization may have missed, like we're about to do with the newly minted chapter of Transgender Atheists for Gun Control that has just established its headquarters outside Texas Representative Debbie Riddle's bathroom.

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