It's a furry invasion!
It's a furry invasion!
Courtesy of BARC

Check Out The Critters at BARC's Super-Mega-Ultra-Cosmic Pet Adoption Drive Saturday

You can add kick-ass dogs and cats to your shopping list if you go to H-E-B Montrose Market this Saturday -- the Houston Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care is bringing more than 75 critters for its Furry Invasion of Cosmic Companions adoption drive. The event is from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

BARC took in more than 550 dogs and cats last week alone, according to a press release, so there's no shortage of dogs and cats of all ages who need a forever home.

"We're taking in hundreds of dogs and cats every week, and we're hoping that this Cosmic Companion invasion will help every single animal find a brand new home with a great family," BARC Spokesman Chris Newport stated in the release. (And don't worry about the heat -- the adoption tents will be air-conditioned!).

Regular adoption fees will be cut in half -- dogs and puppies will be $25 and $37.50, respectively; cats and kittens are $10 and $17.50. (The special price also applies to any furry friend adopted at BARC Saturday).

We need to give a shout-out to Proler Southwest/Sims Metal Management, which "will donate the equivalent of a full-price adoption fee to the recently launched Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets beachhead spay/neuter initiative" and "will also match all half-off adoption fees for every pet adopted and donate it to BARC's animals." (This also includes any pet adopted Saturday at BARC itself).

The H-E-B Montrose Market is located at 1701 W. Alabama St.


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