Cheerleaders Indicted For (Unfortunately Enough, Non-Sexual) Hazing

Let the drooling begin!

The Harris County DAs office announced this morning that they have indicted seven high school cheerleaders for hazing.

Glenn Quagmire of Family Guy immediately went into overdrive with his giggity-giggitys. Cosmo Kramer started stuttering "ca-ca-ca-catfight."

What kind of naughty fun did these imps get into? And did it lead to, you know, the kind of things these always lead to in the minds of men?

Alas, no.

"The seven are accused of restraining several junior varsity cheerleaders, blindfolding them, binding their hands and pushing them into a swimming pool," the DAs office says.

Well, that's no fun.

The Morton Ranch High girls endangered the physical and mental well-being of the JV girls, the DAs office says.

It's a Class B misdemeanor that can carry punishment ranging from probation and community service, up to a maximum of six months in jail and fine of $2,000. The DAs office says it believes these are the first Harris County charges filed under the state's anti-hazing law, which went into effect in 1995.

Morton Ranch is in the Katy school district.

-- Richard Connelly

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