Chester Pitts and Raheem Brock "Crank Call" Roger Goodell (w/ VIDEO)

We knew that one side effect of the NFL lockout would be players having a bunch of free time on their hands. For some players that's a good thing, as it gives them a chance to spend more time with their family or help out their charitable endeavors.

For some players, the free time may be detrimental. Wide receiver Kenny Britt of the Titans has already added another arrest to his résumé, Reggie Bush has drawn the ire of his 1.6 million Twitter followers with recent tweets about "slaving" in the heat, and God only knows how many new little cornerbacks Antonio Cromartie has sired.

I'm still trying to figure out if former Texans and current Seahawks offensive lineman Chester Pitts's and defensive lineman Raheem Brock's attempt at humor with their "Crank Callin' the Commish" video is a good thing or a bad thing. I do know that, unless either one has his heart set on a career in sketch comedy, it's probably a harmless thing.

Whether it's funny or not, well, you decide....

Okay, full disclosure: I didn't find myself laughing once during the video (except when Pitts used the word "douche" in Obama's voice in addressing the commissioner; the floor on the word "douche" being funny is a solid B.)

So I took to the 2011 version of society's referendum -- Twitter. Surely the Twitterverse, a community that feeds on negativity and snark like Carlos Lee feeds on chili cheese queso, would back me up that this video was as cringe-worthy as I saw it.

Well, not really.

Maybe it's because the two guys involved are very likable athletes, but their respective Twitter feeds (@Chester_Pitts and @RaheemBrock) are full of compliments. And not just drive-by chuckle type tweets, but a bunch of "Must. Watch. This," overly gushing tweets, like Pitts and Brock had just recalibrated the comedic scale.

So I watched it again, thinking that perhaps I was the problem, and hoping that the amount to which they cracked each other up in the video with uninspired lines like "player-owner marriage" and "Hey, is your refrigerator running? Well Refrigerator Perry isn't!" would lead them to cracking me up.


Um, well....yeah, I was right. Not really funny, the second time. Or the third time. After the fourth time....well, boom goes the dynamite.

Hey, now whatever happened to that guy? The "boom goes the dynamite" guy? Now THAT guy was funny!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.