Chihuahua Invasion: Brace Yourself For Cuteness, Houston

The Houston SPCA is about to get hit with an airlift of 30 homeless Chihuahuas from Los Angeles. Officials are unsure if the city can handle the sudden influx of cuteness, but apparently have determined it is worth the risk.

Chihuahuas are as common in LA as independent movie producers, and, it seems, about as popular when it comes to inviting them into one's home.

"While it may take months for these little ones to find homes on the West Coast, they are typically adopted within a matter of hours when they head to out-of-state shelters," the Houston SPCA says.

"Air Chihuahua" will consist of three Continental flights leaving LAX today.

"Whether it is saving animals from earthquakes, fires, or hurricanes or transporting exotic animals like Betsy Bear across the globe, the Houston SPCA has enjoyed a lifesaving partnership with Continental Airlines and spcaLA," said HSPCA president Patricia Mercer. "We are thrilled to be joining forces with these friends once again to give animals in need a chance at a new life in the great state of Texas."

Be warned: Officially, the dogs consist of Chihuahuas "and other small breeds." But no one requires a pure-breed Chihuahua for their daily dose of adorability.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly