On Wednesday morning, temperatures were chilly across the country. Don't expect that to change this weekend.EXPAND
On Wednesday morning, temperatures were chilly across the country. Don't expect that to change this weekend.
Courtesy National Weather Service

Houston New Year's Weather: Get Ready for the Cold

If there is one constant among Houstonians, it is complaining about the weather. In the dead of summer, the heat and humidity elicit groans of "when will fall get here." An 80-degree day in November has people pining for "real" winter weather. But, when we get our first real taste of what passes for cold temperatures here in Texas, the collective yearning for pool weather begins in earnest.

The latter of those complaints will be headed our way all across social media over the next week as cold, gray days dominate the forecast, which includes New Year's Eve and Day.

If you glanced at a national weather map when you woke up on Wednesday morning, you might have noticed it is cold across the mid section of the country thanks to plunging Arctic air. Portions of the northeast saw several feet of snow since Christmas. Here in Houston, it was a dreary 40-degree morning with drizzle and temperatures forecast to barely eclipse the mid-40s.

Don't expect much relief through Friday with highs climbing to just above 50. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about freezing temps just yet and Friday looks to be at least a little clearer but still chilly.

The forecast for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day is tricky with a spread of highs on Sunday ranging from the 40s to the upper 60s just ahead of what looks like a very sturdy cold front that should cross the area just as New Year's revelers are heading home (or wherever it is they are going after the party). The first part of next week is going to be downright cold with potentially a hard freeze overnight Monday and Tuesday with temperatures bottoming out in the 20s across the area.

There is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast going forward, but the one thing we know for sure is that it will be the coldest weather we've seen over the course of a week since last winter.

On New Year's Eve, plan to dress warmly and assume that the temperatures, even if they are mild in the early evening, could drop significantly by the time you head home. On Monday, stay home, watch some football and nurse that hangover. It will be much warmer inside than out.

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