The first part of this week will be nice weather for checking out some early season Christmas lights.EXPAND
The first part of this week will be nice weather for checking out some early season Christmas lights.
Photo by Ed Schipul via Flickr

Weather Week: Potential of Heavy Rains After a Beautiful, Cold Week

If you spent any time outside this weekend, you may have noticed all the brilliant sunshine, but also the rather warm  temperatures. Fortunately, it was dry, but it felt a lot more like mid-April than the first of December. All that changes early this week. In fact, there are some pretty big changes in store for our weather right through the weekend.

A reinforcing blast of cold air will push into southeast Texas on Monday. While highs were up near 80 on Sunday, they are unlikely to reach 70 on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be even cooler with highs around 60 degrees. Lows for the first half of the week will be in the low and mid 40s.

By Wednesday night, the southerly flow off the Gulf will reestablish itself and began to bring clouds and an increasing chance of rain into Thursday and Friday. Highs will remain in the 60s, but lows will start to creep up with more humidity in the air. Thursday will be cloudy ahead of what will be a potentially very stormy Friday.

It's still a few days out, but models are suggesting a split in the jet stream with the southerly track bringing a pretty strong low pressure system across Texas on Friday. In fact, this is a pattern we could see repeated several times over the coming weeks.

The timing is still a bit uncertain or the intensity of the storm, but rainfall chances for Friday evening are currently being forecast at around 90 percent with rainfall totals between 1 and 3 inches.

That's still a week out. For the first half of the week, we will enjoy some stunning and chilly winter weather.

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