Chris Baker Comes to KSEV: Another Attempt to Preach to Houston's Talk-Radio Choir

Chris Baker, who was Houston's Glenn Beck before Glenn Beck really took off, is coming back to the local airwaves. Yet again.

Baker, a superficial blowhard who in many ways -- none of them good -- epitimozes right-wing talk radio, will have a show on State Senator Dan Patrick's KSEV, which apparently does still exist.

The news comes from Mike McGuff's blog; Baker says he'll have an afternoon show on the station.

He had been in Minnesota at KTLK, but quit recently, according to the MinnPost website. Color them unimpressed by his move:

According to Arbitron, KSEV is a bit player, with a puny 0.3 percent share of the Houston market. KTLK's number here is 11 times that.

KSEV's tiny footprint doesn't exactly conform to hints Baker dropped about his future after quitting: "It's the evolution of our industry and I chose to put myself in a position to be ready for the media of the future, while at the same time providing security for my family. My next opportunity does just that and I am very excited."

Maybe KSEV has big growth plans, or the host has another shoe to drop. But if not, looks like Baker dropped in the pecking order.

Baker's stints here include shows on KPRC, KTRH and then a second KPRC show which he did from Minnesota.

Among his highlights: Walking off an MSNBC show when things weren't going as he liked.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.