Chris Baker's Show Is Returning To Houston, Not Chris Baker

We mentioned yesterday that KPRC-AM was bringing back right-wing looney Chris Baker to the Houston airwaves.

One thing they're not doing -- bringing right-wing looney Chris Baker back to Houston. Baker will be doing his show from Minnesota, where he has another radio gig.

Baker's being touted as someone who will do an intensely Houston-centric show. How does he do it from the frozen north?

Easy, Clear Channel AM head Michael Berry tells Hair Balls.

"He knows the community; he lived here eight years," Berry says. "He can read the papers, read blogs and watch TV. I don't think a guy who never lived here could do it, but he can."

Well, in that case, has your other imported pseudo-local host, Joe Pags (who does his show from San Antonio), ever lived in Houston?

"I don't think so," Berry says.

We also asked him whether there were any more cuts planned in the newsroom at KTRH, pretty much the city's only AM news option, which has seen its staff pared to the bone.

"I hope not," he says. "There are no plans for it. The ratings are as good as they've ever been, but it's taxing on your people -- you still have to make the same story count, but you have to do it with fewer people."

Maybe they could get some stringers to work from Minnesota.

-- Richard Connelly

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