Chris Stewart: Klein HS Star Takes On Unique Challenge At Notre Dame

Chris Stewart was a highly recruited lineman coming out of Klein High School; he chose to go to Notre Dame.

After a few bumps, he's thriving, and right now he's taking on a challenge no Irish football player has ever tried: Going to ND's law school while playing a fifth year on the field.

Because, we guess, being One-L at a prestigious law school just doesn't fill up the daily schedule.

The mammoth offensive lineman -- 6-5, 362 pounds -- got his degree in history with a 3.5 GPA.

He's told reporters that he feels studying law is the best way to try to improve the world around him.

"I like how law is man's attempt to be perfect. It has the social structure to police the world by remedying grievances,' he told NCAA Champion magazine recently.

So he's going to law school while playing, he spent Spring Break working in Haiti, he plays piano....anything else?

Well, maybe he could help Notre Dame win a few goddamn games this year. But hey, he's not Superman.

Just someone Klein should be pretty proud about.

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