Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn, Scarlett Johansson: 22 Famous Leaked Cell Phone Pics That Stopped All Office Productivity

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This past Sunday, naughty cell phone pictures of both Mad Men's redheaded bombshell Christina Hendricks and television personality Olivia Munn leaked onto the Internet. No, they weren't together in the photos -- Dear God -- these were separate leaks.

Two of the most lusted after female celebs, Hendricks for ya know those, and Munn for her bubbly public persona and ability to wear a bikini, they almost immediately decried the criminal invasions of privacy, with Hendricks saying that the most graphic picture was in fact not her. But crack 'net researchers -- dudes with a lot of time on their, er, hands -- unofficially verified that that in fact was her bountiful rack.

At least Hendricks owned up to the other pics. It's kind of hard to say it's not her in the other ones, unless a Hendricks twin is running around the world wild. Munn has denied the photos in her case are actually her, though one of the bikini shots is from a popular Maxim shoot.

These cell phone leaks are almost always the work of hackers who are adept at skirting around pass codes and other security technology to get at the "goods" though I think some can be blamed on jilted lovers or the publicity-hungry celebs themselves. Sports stars and politicians have been careless a lot, with quarterback Brett Favre and New York rep Anthony Weiner both showcasing their ware in leaked pics to female exploits.

That being said, these are criminal acts, but you have to think that people in such high places could think twice before sending nude or compromising pics of themselves to others. Especially when you can be so easily identified through tattoos, like Kanye West and Chris Brown.

When these pics leak they sometimes stop American 9 to 5 office productivity, like when the long sought-after nudes of Scarlett Johansson -- meant for Sean Penn -- leaked online last September, getting right-clicked and saved into eternity. At least Johansson was cool about these getting out and accepted it as an occupational hazard. Now she can be naked in movies and no one will care, though.

When Lindsay Lohan's Playboy shoot leaked back in December, it was news for two days but then largely went away, along with Hugh Hefner's hopes of a big print payday. But those weren't exactly groundbreaking, seeing that Lohan has been nude or barely-clothed quite a lot since 2005.

Leaked sex videos are different than photos, and they have seemed to dried up, at least when it comes to celebs. Kim Kardashian's tape was the last big one -- pardon the pun -- to hit the web. Not to be too creepily hopeful, but Miley Cyrus seems to be due for one soon with the way her public relations department has been running ragged.

If the Munn and Hendricks shots would have hit during the working week, I can honestly say they would have been a much bigger deal, even though more hilarious Munn photos, with comical sexual comments ("tell me to take it like a BIG GIRL...") continue to wow online tabloids.

(Warning: Some of the links are NSFW.)

20. Brett Favre Oh Brett, we had such a bigger hopes for you, you know what I mean. Cool watch though. 19. Scarlett Johansson

scarlett nude.JPG
Johansson's iconic ass pose in the mirror of a hotel room spawned plenty of human and canine imitators.

18. Miley Cyrus Pictures of pop-star Cyrus began leaking even before she was of legal age, which either means that there was a market to fake them, or Billy Ray never taught his kids about the pitfalls of fame, and smoking "salvia".

17. Jessica Alba Sort of a letdown, after years of a build-up. She may be preggers in one of them too.

16. Ashley Greene The Twilight star gained a new fan base when her nude and topless shots made it to message boards all over the world.

15. Blake Lively She tried to deny it, but those severely perky breast implants were obviously hers, and the pics meant for actor Leonardo DiCaprio didn't disappoint.

14. Rihanna And the world went "meh". She always seemed perma-naked anyways.

13. Anthony Weiner Weinergate was all the rage just a year or so ago.

12. Vanessa Hudgens Two sets of racy bedroom shots of Disney actress Hudgens made men who weren't yet familiar with her catalog of work take notice.

11. Christina Aguilera From Aguilera's skinnier days, posing in her closet?? 10. Kreayshawn If you know who female rapper Kreayshawn is, these were like manna from heaven. To everyone else, she looked just like another naked hipster posing for a Suicide Girls shoot.

9. Kanye West The tattoo and jaw gave it away, but I would have though that he would have been more man-scaped, right? I guess with his busy recording and shopping schedule...

8. Ron Artest He likes to shoot around alright. Nice boxer briefs, dude.

7. Paris Hilton The grand dame of "leaked," at one point it seemed like once every month a new set of Hilton in the buff would appear somewhere online, either a video or a still. So 2004...

6. Pete Wentz The Fall Out Boy bassist took a self portrait of himself tugging on his man junk, rocking the emo-pop world back in 2006 at the height of his band's fame.

5. Chris Brown Bleached blonde girl-beater bares all.

4. Hayley Williams The Paramore lead singer posted her topless shot to Twitter on accident and pulled it down quickly, but not before everyone saved it and disseminated all over the web.

3.Ke$ha The glittered trash-popper was shown covered in, um, "male glitter" in a few pictures that ended up online.

2. Kat Dennings The 2 Broke Girls and Thor funny girl is a fan of sports bras behind closed doors, and has a sweet fireplace in her bedroom.

1. Renee Olstead Kingwood-born Olstead is seen as the gold standard now when it comes to leaked shots, with dozens of hers -- some extremely hands-on -- went viral about a year ago.

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