Christmas Catfight Lands Mom and (Alleged) Meth-Peddling Daughter Behind Bars (w/VIDEO)

A woman charged with meth possession earlier this month is behind bars again after she and her mother were filmed beating a woman they suspected had been working with the police.

According to Trinity County Precinct One Constable Woody Wallace, Brandy Liles, 28, and her mother Mary Ann Toms, 49, ambushed Amy Haley at Gracie's One-Stop on Christmas Day in the town of Trinity. Toms leads the charge in the KLTV video below; Haley's husband pulled the women off his wife and ended the brawl. The store clerk also attempted to intervene and suffered a broken kneecap for his troubles when he cracked it on the concrete floor.

Toms and her daughter were arrested later Christmas Day at the My-Oh-My Club, a two-fisted Groveton roadhouse (with an awesome name) where the two women work side-by-side as bartenders.

The bad blood pitting Toms and Liles against Haley stemmed from a December drug bust. Constables arrested Liles in the parking lot of an area Dollar General store after they learned that she was allegedly shoppin' dirty. Police initially found her stashes of weed and Vicodin; on her arrival in the Trinity County Jail, a quantity of meth was discovered stashed in her bra. She was charged with felony delivery of meth, misdemeanor possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone and felony possession of hydrocodone in a drug-free zone.

Toms evidently believed that Haley was to blame for that bust. Now she and her daughter both face third-degree felony charges of retaliation, which could bring them two to ten in the pen.

It's the second such case to pop up in Trinity County in the last couple weeks. Late last month, Bethany Solomon posed for a memorably menacing mugshot after Trinity County Constables said she attempted to intimidate a witness in her pending meth case.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.