Christopher George Gonzalez: Guard Agreed To Smuggle Four Pounds Of Coke Into Prison, Two Ounces At A Time

Christopher George Gonzalez, 29, is a guard at a privatized federal detention center in the Valley. Or at least he used to be, before the feds nabbed him in a sting operation.

The U.S. Attorney's office here in Houston says Gonzalez has been charged with agreeing to smuggle cocaine into the Willacy County Regional Detention Center, which houses, among others inmates who have federal charges pending against them. (Like Gonzalez!)

Prosecutors say Gonzalez made contact with a guy who he thought was a drug dealer, but who turned out to be an undercover fed.

The undercover guy met up with Gonzalez in a Harlingen parking lot and gave him 4.4 pounds of coke and $2,000. The plan was for Gonzalez to smuggle it into the facility two ounces at a time, which is certainly easier to hide than a four-and-a-half pound bag.

Unfortunately for Gonzalez, neither the coke he was handed, or the drug dealer who handed it to him, were real.

Gonzalez faces anywhere from five to 40 years if convicted, plus a massive fine. He's made his bond, so at least he won't be running into a disappointed customer inside the facility.

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