Christopher Rohrman, Dumbest Employee Ever: Tries To Solicit His Boss' 11-Year-Old Daughter

If you think Facebook-sexing your boss' pre-teen daughter is a good idea, you have something in common with Christopher Rohrman. And you don't really want to have too much in common with Christopher Rohrman.

At least partly because he's facing charges of communicating in a sexual manner online with a person he knew to be younger than 14.

How was he so sure of the age of the young girl? It was his boss' daughter, Harris County prosecutor Eric Devlin tells Hair Balls.

"He knew her personally, had met her as part of being an employee, and had made some comments to her in person," Devlin says.

He then hooked up with her via his Facebook page, sending sexually explicit messages.

Which, unfortunately for him, the mother of the 11-year-old girl saw. And when she showed them to her husband, he recognized the Facebook page as Rohrman's, because the two had sometimes used it to communicate about business matters.

They called police in their small town in the Wharton area, and an arrest was made.

Rohrman is out a $50,000 bond, but is barred from having any contact with children.

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