Chronicle Brass Meets (At A Luxury Hotel) To Discuss Problems

The layoffs at the Chronicle, which left plenty of blood on the floor, didn't magically solve the paper's problems. That's not surprising, given the state of print media these days.

Staffers who have survived the cuts are struggling to fill the gaps as they are also expected to do more and more "new media" stuff, sometimes on a learn-as-you-go basis. More than one has grumbled something along the lines of the nuclear-bomb aphorism "The living shall envy the dead."

Staffers have left even after surviving the ax: the paper's political reporter, county reporter and Astros writer have gone to greener pastures recently.

So if you're Chronicle management, what do you do?

Have a big meeting. At the luxurious Hotel Zaza.

(It's on Celebrated Living's list of  "Platinum list of Top 10 Boutique Hotels in the World," according to its website.)

"You know, IHOP has big tables they could've used," one Chron watcher grumbled.

If we had to guess, we'd say the paper got some kind of trade-off with the hotel and we'll soon be seeing some premium, free advertising for the place.

But the imagery of heading to a luxury hotel....That's thinking that's just plain  AIG-riffic!!!!

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Richard Connelly
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