Chronicle Cuts To Be Stretched Over Two Days

Good news on the pending Houston Chronicle cuts -- the latest word is that the layoffs will be in the range of 12-13 percent of the newsroom. That's bad, but not as bad as the 30 percent figures that some understandably frantic people were tossing around.

The bad news is the cuts will be carried out over two days instead of one -- today and tomorrow.

What sadistic genius put this plan together?

Already people -- many of them on long-planned Spring Break vacations -- have been on edge wondering if they have a job or not. They're coming into the newsroom today waiting to be tapped on the shoulder.

Then they survive today, only to go through the whole thing again tomorrow?

Pretty cruel.

Oh, and in case anyone has the lack of reading ability of the idiot who commented on our last Chron item, we're not "celebrating" anything over here.

These are tough, tough times in print journalism, and our thoughts go with any good people losing their jobs through no fault of their own.

If any Chron people want to vent or inform anonymously, hit up the comments or my Facebook page (Rich Connelly).

And hang tough.

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