Chronicle's Robison To Work For Democrat

Cue the outrage from right-wingy Chronicle hatahs -- former Austin bureau chief Clay Robison has got a new job working for a Democrat.

"Why not? He's been working for the Democrats all along," will be the refrain.

In journalism's defense, any left-leaning tendencies in Robison's weekly columns were hidden by the fact that they were generally so dull few people read them.

Robison will be communications director for Tom Schieffer, who you might be surprised to learn is running for governor.

We will note that former Chron reporters have gone to work for Gov. Rick Perry (second item)..

Full release after the jump:


Tom Schieffer announced today that former veteran state Capitol reporter Clay Robison will be the Director of Communications for the Tom Schieffer for Governor Exploratory Committee.

Schieffer, a former United States ambassador to Australia and Japan who was also President of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club and a former Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives, announced the formation of his exploratory committee on March 2.

"I am gratified that someone of Clay's reputation and integrity will be joining our team," Schieffer said. " I want my campaign to be about openness and honesty and I can think of no one who better epitomizes those values than Clay Robison. For almost forty years he has been known as a reporter's reporter. I am so pleased that he will be speaking for the campaign and me. But I told Clay that I wanted him to be more than just a spokesman. I want him to be an integral part of the campaign so that I can call upon his wise counsel and long years of experience in dealing with state government."

Robison said he was "delighted to be associated with someone of Tom Schieffer's caliber and experience in the political, diplomatic and business arenas. I believe that Tom Schieffer has the vision and strength to be a strong and effective governor of Texas and I look forward to working with him in the campaign."

Robison covered state government and politics for 38 years. Most of that time, he was Austin bureau chief for the Houston Chronicle and recently for both the Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News.

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