Chron's Rick Casey To Host Political TV Show -- In San Antonio

Rick Casey is the Houston Chronicle's star columnist, the news-side city columnist every good paper tries to have.

He came over from San Antonio in 2003, the high-profile hire by then-new editor Jeff Cohen. His initial efforts seemed a little San Antonio-centric to some Houstonians, and some parts of the local blogosphere still give him grief occasionally for seeming to be more connected to that city than Houston.

It probably won't assuage those critics to learn, via the Chron's sister paper the San Antonio Express-News, that Casey is about to host a weekly TV show on news and politics and what the SAEN called "local and South Texas issues."

It will be on KRLN, which we don't get here in Houston, and will be called Texas Week with Rick Casey, because the Rick Casey name is apparently still a draw in San Antonio.

"I'm really excited about having the opportunity to plug back into San Antonio," Casey told the Express-News, which noted "Casey will commute from Houston, where he'll continue to write two columns a week."

It seems Houston viewers will be missing some fun, according to the paper's TV columnist: "[Casey] also has quite a bit of Irish in him, as [KRLN CEO Bill] Moll pointed out, and possesses a twinkle in his eye, a quiet wit and an appetite for thought-provoking discussion."

We're guessing that sometime in the past the major city columnist for a daily has hosted a weekly show for a completely different city, but it's not coming to mind.

We've e-mailed Casey but haven't heard back; we'll update if we do.

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