Chuck Rosenthal Resigns

Looks like Republicans and Democrats alike won’t have D.A. Chuck Rosenthal to kick around any more.

Rosenthal resigned earlier today, citing several reasons in a press release, including possibly feeling a bit loopy of late due to a cocktail of prescription drugs.

“Although I have enjoyed excellent medical and pharmacological treatment,” states Rosenthal’s release, “I have come to learn that the particular combination of drugs prescribed for me in the past has caused some impairment in my judgment.”

Perhaps Rosenthal hopes this confession will explain away the revealing, embarrassing, and possibly incriminating emails that he was caught writing that contained political messages and love letters.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office had begun investigating the top prosecutor, but now, according to Rosenthal’s statement, that inquiry will end as a result of the resignation.

The news came just hours after a lawsuit was filed in Harris County District Court seeking his removal from office. The lawsuit was filed by the same attorney, Lloyd Kelley, whose civil rights lawsuit against the Harris County Sheriff’s Office unearthed Rosenthal’s emails.

Kelley’s recent lawsuit also seeks to remove Sheriff Tommy Thomas from office, accusing the law-dog of incompetency and misconduct. -- Chris Vogel

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.