Cindy Brady Barfs During a Radio Show Despite Lisp

Okay, how can I start this post? I guess I’ll just state the facts. Susan Olsen, the woman who played Cindy Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” showed up hung over for an appearance on 107.9 FM The Jet in California, and there’s footage


of her running from the microphone to go yak inside the station’s bathroom.

Guess she tied one on with Kitty Carryall the night before, huh?

When I was in junior high, I was obsessed with “The Brady Bunch.” I watched back to back episodes on TBS every afternoon after school, and when Barry “Greg Brady” Williams’s tell-all Growing Up Brady came out, I bought it and read it cover to cover in one night. Of all the Bradys, even more than Eve “Jan Brady” Plumb, I felt like Susan/Cindy was dealt the rawest deal of the bunch as her character was essentially written as so stupid you wondered if she’d undergone a lobotomy. Plus, she was a total tattletale/wannabe. And as Susan aged, she was required to perform the “cutesy pie” role despite being well into puberty. (Remember the “Good Ship Lollipop” episode? OUCH.)

Anyway, apparently Susan showed up to the radio station after drinking too much wine the night before, and ran from the microphone to praise the porcelain god before returning. I love the CNN clip as it shows Susan defending her actions with the blurb “Susan Olsen: Drank Too Much Wine” underneath her.

In the same clip, the station deejay sort of self-righteously whines about the fact that “Cindy Brady” shouldn’t show up to a radio show hungover at 8:30 in the morning. Come on, man. Cindy Brady is not real. Susan Olsen is. And she’s probably still having to get wasted to block out the memories of playing Little Miss Sausage Curls. Hell, wouldn’t YOU drink if you’d had to play Cindy Brady? I’m surprised she wasn’t mainlining at twenty.

Still though…I just hope we don’t find out Cousin Oliver’s in a filthy bus station bathroom somewhere shooting smack. Because that would kill me. – Jennifer Mathieu

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