Circus Animals Tortured Because Of Air Guitars

Man, being an activist isn’t easy. Our hearts go out to local vegan go-getter (and party promoter) Jacob Calle. He broke his leg and was unable to attend his own animal-rights protest against the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Well, at least our hearts did go out to him. Until we learned how he got the injury.

From the blog heeb’n’vegan: “Calle was unable to protest, having fallen victim to an unfortunate injury at an air guitar competition two days earlier.”

(We guess there are "fortunate injuries" at air guitar competitions.)

But the point is....an air guitar competition? In fact we covered Calle and other, um, talented musicians that attended the U.S. Air Guitar Competition last Thursday.

In other words, before Calle could take a stand for animals, he has to assume this stance.

In other words, before he fought for the animals, he to pretend to play along with The Animals.

In other words, before he looked into the eyes of a rescued tiger, he had to air jam to “Eye of the Tiger.”

In other words, before he fought for animal rights, he had to fight for his right … to party!

Okay, we’re done.

And as if the situation wasn’t stupid enough, Calle was quoted on the blog with his thoughts:

“Try taking a s*** with a cast on. I can no longer drive, I made a mess in the kitchen, I have people tie my shoes and put my left sock on. My life is going to suck, and we haven't even begun to discuss surgery!”

Poor guy. But he reminded heeb’n’vegan that air guitar does save lives:

“Because you are holding an air guitar you cannot be holding a gun nor a hamburger.”

Well, that says it all, doesn’t it?

-- Dusti “I’m currently embarrassed to say I’m a vegetarian” Rhodes

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.