City Council Adopts Ethics Code Supposedly Among Toughest in the Country

City Council has passed a loophole-closing revision to its ethics code that City Attorney Dave Feldman said is "the strongest ethics ordinance [of] any city in the country."

Lawyers will no longer be able to avoid registering as lobbyists unless they are performing services only an attorney can provide, as opposed to just jawboning council members and other city officials.

Disclosures on gifts received by city officials have also been tightened, as have rules that seek to limit the "revolving door" between those who work for the city and then go on to lobby for companies or individuals.

Council member Mike Sullivan has been credited with leading the call for revisions.

There are still grumblings that the code is somewhat toothless in terms of enforcement and penalties for violations, but baby steps, baby steps.

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Richard Connelly
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