City of Houston Giving You ONE LAST CHANCE to Pay Your Overdue Citations

This time they really mean it. The city of Houston is extending -- FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! -- the amnesty program for delinquent traffic, non-traffic and parking citations.

Pay up now with some reduction in late fees, or they're coming to get you June 11. They say.

"Anyone with overdue citations needs to take care of them now, before the amnesty period ends," HPD Captain Jonathan Zera said. "Afterwards, HPD will have officers serving warrants throughout the city. Please avoid the potential embarrassment of being arrested in front of co-workers, friends or family and take advantage of this program while it is offered."

"We are offering additional time for citizens to participate in this cost-saving program so that they can have the peace of mind to go about their day-to-day affairs without the fear of being arrested," said municipal court director Barbara E. Hartle.

Boy, they're really pushing the "getting arrested at any moment" thing.

You know who also used to do that? Nazi Germ -- nah, we won't go there.

Anyway, you can pay online and get more information here.

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