CityCentre Shows Off Aggie-Longhorn Gridiron

When the University of Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies get together each year, there is a feeling of true holiday spirit that fills the air. Sure, that spirit is hatred, but it definitely fills the air.

This season, the folks at CityCentre decided to do their own spin on the game by turning their plaza into a mini gridiron, complete with UT and A&M end zone logos, in honor of the annual rivalry game.

"Midway is made up of a lot of Aggies and Longhorns," said Brad Freels, Chairman and CEO of Midway Companies, the developer of CityCentre, "It's a fun Thanksgiving tradition."

Freels said the gridiron will remain up for "a couple of weeks," including the Thanksgiving weekend and people are encouraged to walk around on it and take pictures.

No word on if friendly games on the field frowned upon, but given the season the Longhorns are having, we assume they'd have about as much chance winning in a CityCentre pick-up game as they've got beating the Aggies and making a bowl game this year.

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