Civil Suit Against Bellaire Is Coming No Matter What Happens With Indictment, Attorneys Say

As Hair Balls reported earlier, Bellaire cop Jeffrey Cotton was indicted for the December 31 shooting of Robbie Tolan.

George Gibson and Geoffrey Berg, Tolan's attorneys, announced that the Tolan family will be filing a civil lawsuit, regardless of the outcome of the criminal case against Cotton. Gibson refused to give a timetable for the civil suit, but said it was coming "soon" and would enable them to obtain even more information on the events of the fateful night than the criminal case.

The cold, hard wind whipping from the west down Franklin Street all but blew the words of the attorneys and reporters down the street, but one salient point we got from this conference was the contrast between the handling of this case and the Ryan Moats fiasco in Dallas.

Again and again, Berg compared the two cases. In the Dallas case, both arresting officer Robert Powell and police chief David Kunkle immediately apologized to the Moats family. Despite asking for one on several occasions, the Tolans (who did not attend the press conference) are still waiting for an apology from Cotton or any representative of the City of Bellaire. And while Powell resigned two weeks after the Moats incident, Cotton was still drawing paychecks from the City of Bellaire as of this morning. "That continues to shock me," said Berg from the podium. "I think that says a lot about the City of Bellaire."

Hair Balls ripped Pat Lykos a couple of times last week, but all we've got for her this time around are the same kudos Berg, Gibson and the Tolans have sent her way.

And as much as it grieves us to say it, we've got to give it up for Dallas too.

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