Clemens Answers Blog Readers' Questions, Reveals Nothing

A big congratulations is in order to the Houstonist blog for the get of the month. The blog, after many failed attempts, was finally able to get Roger Clemens to go on the record and answer reader questions about his career, his future, and of course, Brian McNamee and the Mitchell Report. And you can read the entire thing here.

There's not really much new information here. Clemens doesn't change course and say that he's been lying for all of these years, and that he did take HGH and steroids. He gives primarily vague answers about checking his previous testimony, and that he has been telling the truth ever since this whole thing started. Which leads to the question that is not asked, so it is not answered:  to which version of the truth is Clemens referring? 

First, McNamee never injected Clemens with anything. Then McNamee injected him with B-12 and lidocaine. First he was never at the Canseco party. Then it was he might have dropped by the party. Then it was the family spent the night at the Canseco house. Then it was he probably stopped by for lunch. First it was he never discussed HGH with Andy Pettitte; then it was that the two of them had actually been discussing a TV show about HGH. First he and McNamee had never discussed HGH; then it was the two of them had had several detailed discussions of the topic because of Mrs. Clemens taking HGH. First it's McNamee is the most disgusting, dishonest, vile human being on earth; then it's McNamee was actually trusted by The Rocket and his family until the Mitchell Report went public. First it was Rocket didn't know what was going to be in the Mitchell Report until the report was released; then it was admitted that he knew what was in the report days before it came out. 

I could of course, go on. 

This is all a matter of the record, and Clemens so helpfully reminds everybody of just where to go to read all of this as he provides a link to the Congressional Website where all of the testimony and evidence is contained. And for any of you who are interested in reliving that specific day that Rocket appeared before Congress and was nearly nailed for witness tampering, then just click here to go directly to that day's testimony.  

I think Houstonist did a good job in selecting questions, so it's not their fault that the answers are essentially worthless. The author of the Clemens post (and editor of Houstonist), Jason Bargas, states several times that he attempted to talk to Clemens by phone, but that he could never get the interview, so he had to result to the e-mail. Thus, there are no follow-up questions regarding the many inconsistent statements Clemens has made. Not that I think Rocket would ever allow for an interview with actual follow-up. 

But for those of you who are still curious, Rocket states that he is innocent. That he never took the HGH. He says the current MLB drug testing policy is very good -- but as Rocket reminds everybody, he has passed every drug test that he ever took (which, if I remember correctly, has also been the same answer as Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, and Barry Bonds). Also, Rocket states that the only place he will get to tell his story is in court, but if that fails -- which it all but has -- then just maybe he'll write another book. 

So once again, congratulations to the guys at Houstonist. Very nice work.

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