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Clemens Press Conference Primer

Damn Rusty Hardin. I wrote this long, detailed post last night discussing the Rocket's interview with Mike Wallace, going over various legal options, pointing out inconsistent statements, etc., and Hardin ruins everything by filing the defamation suit against Brian McNamee. So the whole thing is useless.

The Rocket has a press conference set for 4:00 today at the George R. Brown, and I'll try to address that and everything that happened over the weekend tomorrow. But I'm going to make a few brief observations to prime you for that press conference, which will be televised on just about every Houston TV station.

1. First, Clemens wants to know why people won't give him the benefit of the doubt. How about this: even when, last night, he told Mike Wallace that he was retiring from baseball, he refused to actually commit to retiring baseball. He's already changed his mind on retirement more times than Charles Barkley ever did, and it really hurts his credibility when he goes on national TV, says he's going to retire, then moments later say maybe he'll come back.

2. Clemens told Wallace he wasn't going to proceed with any legal actions because of the cost involved to him. Of course, what we didn't know at the time was that Clemens' attorney had filed a defamation suit. And I doubt very seriously that Rusty Hardin is doing anything without the knowledge of his client.

3. Another credibility problem arises from the Rocket's biggest moment of anger coming from Brian McNamee asking where the good fishing equipment was located in Cabo, and asking this just days before the release of the report. Clemens felt that McNamee should've given him some warning. The problem is that, according to New York's Newsday, McNamee did warn Clemens of what he said to Mitchell prior to the release of the report.

4. It doesn't help your credibility when you talk about growing third ears out of your forehead. It's possible I missed something, but I don't recall Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Jason Giambi, Jose Canseco, Rafael Palmeiro, Ken Caminiti, or Lyle Alzado growing third ears on their foreheads.

5. Popping Vioxx like Skittles? You do realize you sound like a drug addict, don't you? And I why haven't you joined one of the class action lawsuits against Vioxx if you're so concerned about your health?

6. According to the defamation lawsuit, McNamee can't be believed because he was accused of rape in 2001. Yet, this credibility problem didn't bother you at the time as you rehired him and kept him as your trainer through the summer of 2007.

7. It also doesn't help when you go for the O.J. Defense -- you were framed. According to the defamation suit, the Feds told McNamee that he would go to jail unless he named Roger Clemens because this whole investigation was merely a sham to get Roger Clemens. And from this comes a really big problem for Rocket. One of these Federal agents who supposedly framed Clemens is an IRS agent. I don't know about you, but I don't want to make the IRS angry.

Oh well, that's just some first impressions. It'll be interesting to see what happens in a couple of hours.

--John Royal

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