Christina Searcy
Christina Searcy

Cleveland Woman Hid Meth Pipe in Vagina During Drug Search

When Montgomery County deputy constables pulled over the car Christina Searcy was traveling in on Friday, they smelled pot, found a joint, and ultimately turned up several small baggies of cocaine. The party clearly busted, it's unclear why at that point Searcy still felt she needed to hide a meth pipe in her vagina.

Searcy and three others were traveling on U.S. 59 Friday when Precinct 4 deputies investigating a bad check-writing scheme pulled over the car, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter. When they pulled up to the car, deputies got a whiff of marijuana and decided to investigate further. When driver Kevin Hales opened the door, a joint fell out of the car. Deputies ultimately found several small bags of cocaine, according to the Police Reporter.

Before taking all four suspects to jail, the deputies reminded them they'd face additional charges if they tried to smuggle any drugs or paraphernalia inside. One woman, Kimberly Kinn, pulled out a meth pipe she'd stashed in her bra and handed it to deputies, according to the Police Reporter.

Searcy admitted to deputies that she had a meth pipe, but there was one problem: She couldn't pull it out. According to the police reporter:

"Searcy was given an opportunity to remove it, but found the pipe was stuck ... An ambulance responded to the Constable's Office and transported Searcy to the Kingwood Emergency Room, where the pipe was extracted from her vagina."

Court records show Searcy was convicted of meth-related charges in 2007, 2010 and 2011.

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