Clifford Lee Bradberry: Galveston County Man Really, Really Likes To Watch Surfing

Apparently, Clifford Lee Bradberry deeply enjoys whacking off, and while there's nothing wrong with that per se, Bradberry insists on involving the public in his masturbatory shenanigans.

Acting on a suspicious activity tip Sunday, Galveston Police allegedly found the chubby 33-year-old Texas City man parked on Seawall Boulevard near 61st Street in his white Kia Rondo with his pants around his knees and his eyes out to sea. According to The Police News, cops say Bradberry was busy banging five while watching the surfers hang ten.

Some of the surfers allegedly told cops that he was no stranger to the area, and it was reported that he had been arrested in April for similar dirty doings in the 3000 block of Seawall. That case is still pending.

A check of Harris County records shows misdemeanor convictions for public lewdness, indecent exposure, and evading detention. (The lewdness conviction was initially filed as a felony indecency with a child exposure case -- Bradberry's alleged victim was a boy younger than 17 -- that was reduced by the State to a misdemeanor.)

Bradberry made his $5000 bond and is now a free man. Beware intensely staring strangers in Kia Rondos.

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