Clinton Tod Harwell: Fake Oil Millionaire Convicted Of Felony Theft In California Court

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"He was just real flamboyant and goofy and I thought, well maybe this will be okay," the woman remembers. "There will be other girls and all that."

Turns out she was the only woman traveling with him. And then when they got to Denver, he claimed to have left his wallet on the plane.

"I said 'You better go find it 'cause I'm not taking care of you. I'm not your girlfriend. You better go back on the plane and get it 'cause I don't have enough money to take care of you. You're on your own. This is just hitching a ride.'"

Harwell left and "found" his wallet. The woman says he next told them to split up -- she could go get the bags while he went to get the Hummer. "So then he comes running back and says that they won't take his debit card," the woman recalls. "He says that I'm gonna have to put it on my credit card. I was like 'I thought this was supposed to be your deal.' And he's like 'I'll pay you back, I swear,' and I started to get this horrible feeling, but then I was thinking but maybe he really is a good guy. I don't want to make him feel bad."

So they go get the car, and its, like, a Hyundai or something. "So I say, 'Tod, where's the Hummer?' not that I care, and he goes 'Oh, we've gotta go by my buddy John Elway's place. I knew John Elway had some car dealerships up there, so maybe that was true. And then we get outside of Denver and I ask about going to get the Hummer from John Elway, and he's all 'Oh, I couldn't get ahold of him.' You know, just bull."

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