Weather Weekend: The Clouds Return, But Probably Not the Rain

Another cloudy weekend ahead with no end to allergy season.
Another cloudy weekend ahead with no end to allergy season. Photo by Rick Kimpel via Flickr
The weather this week has been nothing short of spectacular. With cool temperatures and sunny skies, if you were able to get outside, this was the week to do it. Unfortunately, the continued lack of rain has made for some really awful allergy conditions as pollen counts remain basically off the charts. And this weekend isn't going to do much to quell those issues.

Thursday should be another beautiful spring day with highs in the 70s and mostly sunny skies. There will be a slight increase in humidity throughout the day as winds begin to shift back out of the south. Overall, it will continue to be stunning.

Friday is when the clouds start to roll in. With a strong southerly flow, we could see some rather windy conditions and mostly cloudy skies with higher humidity and temperatures getting into the upper 80s. Low temperatures will climb back up into the 60s. It won't be sticky, exactly, but it won't be the pleasant, dry conditions we've had all week.

Saturday will likely be messy. Ideally, we would get a few decent showers that would help to alleviate some of the pollen problems we've had. Alas, forecasters are calling for perhaps a half an inch of rain at most. That isn't nearly enough even with a front moving through overnight.

On Sunday, it will be decidedly cooler after the passage of the front. Expect highs to be in the low 60s under cloudy skies with perhaps drizzle and misty rain much of the day. Basically, it's going to be cool and kinda gross, so be prepared.

Like this week, next week promises to be quite lovely. Too bad it's during a work week.
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