Sunday should be a beautiful day to get outside. Maybe a trip to the zoo?
Sunday should be a beautiful day to get outside. Maybe a trip to the zoo?
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Weekend Weather: Wet Start to a Cool Weekend

As expected, it began to cool off in Houston on Wednesday after a dry front passed through on Tuesday evening. With highs in the mid 60s and sunny skies, if you weren't playing hooky from work, you probably wanted to.

Thursday will be basically a repeat of Wednesday with a few more clouds. Highs will be just a tad lower in the low 60s, but it should be another nice day. But humidity will begin increasing ahead of our next cold front due on Friday.

Friday will be a mostly cloudy affair. Highs will hover in the mid 60s and rain chances will increase throughout the day ahead of a passing cold front. Forecasts are calling for maybe as much as an inch of rain, but most areas will see substantively less. The heavier rain, what little of it will be in Texas, will be well to our north. The front should make its way through Houston during the overnight hours and most of us will be fast asleep as it passes.

By noon on Saturday, skies should begin to clear though there will still be some lingering clouds. Highs will stay in the low to mid 60s but start to sink later in the day as the cold air arrives. Overnight Saturday will see lows in the mid 40s, so you may want to bundle up a bit if you are going out.

The final day of the weekend will be spectacular if nippy. The high on Sunday will struggle to get above 55 degrees under ample sunshine. It will clearly be the best day of the weekend for outdoor activities. With no football game to tailgate for (sad face), you'll have to find some other way to entertain yourselves.

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