Colby Bartholemy: Fire in Our Pot Greenhouse? We'll Take Care of It, Firefighters

Colby Bartholemy and his pals know how stressed firefighters can get, especially volunteer firefighters in a small town like San Leon, where any second they could be called to battle a raging inferno.

So when Bartholemy and friend had a bit of an electrical fire in their business Saturday, they didn't want to bother the San Leon VFD. When the firefighters arrived, the guys assured them they could handle things themselves.

To the point of blocking the firefighters from getting into the business.

This was all due to their concern about overworked volunteers and had nothing to do with the fact that their business consisted of a large pot-growing operation.

But the San Leon VFD is a determined bunch, and they worked around the hose-wielding amateurs desperately trying to put out the fire with no help. And when the group fled, they entered the building and found more than 100 marijuana plants and other stuff.

They called the cops, who came in and took inventory.

But the bad decisions on the part of the alleged criminals didn't end there.

Bartholemy came back to the facility after firefighters left, the Houston Chronicle reports, "and tried to destroy the weed" by flushing it down the toilet.

His genius plan of trying to sneak unnoticed into the most newsworthy location of the day in San Leon failed to work, however, and he now faces charges of destroying evidence.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.