Weather Week: Another Cold, Rainy Week Ahead Houston

Even though Hurricane Willa is in the Pacific, its track will bring us some soggy weather this week.
Even though Hurricane Willa is in the Pacific, its track will bring us some soggy weather this week. Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center
Did you enjoy Sunday? If you slept through it, too bad. It was glorious, the first really beautiful day of autumn in Houston. Unfortunately, the one day of sun is about all we'll get as rain returns to the forecast this week and the cold weather sticks around.

There may be a few rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds on Monday. But, there should be ample cloud cover holding temperatures down in the lower 70s. The rain should begin to flow into the area Monday evening thanks to Hurricane Willa out in the Pacific Ocean. It is expected to make landfall along the Mexican coastline Tuesday as a major hurricane and it will push quite a bit of moisture into Texas, particularly along the coast.

In fact, Tuesday and Wednesday look quite dreary with plenty of rain and temperatures barely climbing out of the lower 60s. Flooding other than the occasional street flooding during heavier rainfall is not forecast, thankfully, but it will be soggy and cold.

The biggest batch of rain will move through Friday as the remnants of Willa pass over the area. Some areas could receive a couple inches of rain including parts of central Texas, already saturated with record rainfall.

Fortunately, as Willa clears out, so will the skies. While Thursday will still be pretty gray, Friday into next weekend appears to be something akin to what we saw around here on Sunday. Fingers crossed.
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