College and NFL Football: This Weekend's Best Bets

In the same week where the Texans fell behind in an NFL game 41-0 at the half, a nearly impossible feat in the NFL unless you're practically trying to let the other team win that lopsidedly (and honestly, along those lines, C.J. Fiedorowicz, you're suspect!), the Rockets lost their opener by 20 to the horrific Denver Nuggets AND I went 1-5 on my Best Bets in this space!

The only possible explanation? The Texans coughed on the Rockets and me and infected us with whatever "suckitude" virus has infected the team this season, like the Mutaba virus in the movie Outbreak. (In this analogy, Matt Schaub is patient zero, the host monkey.) Let's hope that we have the Texans virus out of our system and try to go get us out first 6-0 weekend of the season, shall we?

Here we go…..

Notre Dame -10 over TEMPLE
If someone had told you before the season that ESPN's GameDay would be posting up in Philly for this game at the end of October, you'd have thought they were hanging with Ryan Mallett in the wee hours the night before. But that's exactly what we're looking at, people. In a weekend where a majority of the top ten is on a bye week, all eyes (ok, some of the eyes) turn to the City of Brotherly Love for Temple versus Notre Dame. Temple's had a nice season, one of three undefeated AAC teams, but it ends here. Temple can defend (10th in nation), but can't really score (89th in nation), and take a look at the one common opponent — Temple needed a late score to beat UMass 25-23, Notre Dame smoked UMass 62-27. Irish cover here. 

TEXAS TECH +3 over Oklahoma State
We're down to twelve remaining undefeated teams in FBS football. I've already got one going down in Temple, so let's go ahead and make it a double dip with the Red Raiders knocking off the Cowboys! Texas Tech gave up 63 points to Oklahoma last week, so they'll be looking to bounce back, and OSU hasn't really beaten anybody yet this season, with only one of their wins over a team above .500 (and that was a directional Michigan school). If the game is tied at the end of regulation, they should decide it with the mascots doing a "pistols at dawn" deal where they take ten paces and try to kill the other one.

PENN STATE -5.5 over Illinois
Penn State has lost two games this season — one to Temple, who is undefeated, and one to Ohio State, who is undefeated. Other than that, it's been a pretty solid second year for the James Franklin Era, and he actually has QB Christian Hackenburg playing pretty well. (No really, Texan fans, your future QB is playing well!) This Illinois game is actually a revenge game for Franklin and his crew, and the spread is under a touchdown. We'll take it. 

RAVENS -3 over Chargers
This sounds weird to say, but the Ravens are actually a decent 1-6 team, having lost to two of the undefeated teams (Broncos, Bengals) by a combined 10 points, and they've lost all six of their losses by a combined 30 points. They came within a Joe Flacco brain fart of a chance to tie the Cardinals at the end of the game on Monday night. Meanwhile, the Chargers are the Chargers, and they're traveling cross country to play a noon game, so let's play the ol' "negative body clock"!

STEELERS +2.5 over Bengals
The Steelers get Big Ben back, and the Bengals are due to lose one here soon. I'll happily take the points at home as the Steelers begin the process of getting back in the division race, having weathered the Ben Roethisberger injury storm with a 2-2 record.

Seahawks -6 over COWBOYS
So I get to bet the Seahawks defense (which I know hasn't  been great,  but still….) for under a touchdown against Matt Cassel? Thank you, Las Vegas!

Last Week: 1-5
Season Record: 25-23

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