College and NFL Football: This Weekend's Best Bets

There's never a good time to go into a tailspin, but when it's December and the monthly budget includes not only the usual suspects like food, water, clothing, heat, light and a roof over my head but also gobs and gobs of Christmas gifts, well, let's just say that my parade of 1-5 weeks has come at the worst possible time.

And if any of you have a spare bedroom I can crash in, that'd be awesome. It'll just be until next football season, when I can pay off my bad beats and football season starts back up again. Well, let's not stay too downtrodden. Only one college game this weekend, but a full slate of pros, and a few games I actually really, really like. So let's try to get back on track. I'll take 4-2 gladly.

Let's go…

Army +22 over NAVY
The bad news is that Army is not really very good at football. The good news is that they are much better at defending our country, and, given a choice, I'd rather they be proficient in carrying out covert ops in the Middle East than running a proper Cover 2 scheme. My general rule with these service academy games is to always take the points, since the effort level will go for 60 minutes, and it's always a "throw the records out" situation. We know with two running teams, the clocks will burn away much quicker. I'll bank on Army playing a clean game from a turnover standpoint and hanging within a couple of touchdowns.

Lions -2.5 over RAMS
The Rams have been a dismal lot in the second half of the season, having lost five in a row, and the last two by identical 24-point margins. They've also gone 0-4 SU and ATS in their last four games against NFC North teams. Meanwhile, under the watchful eye of OC Jim Bob Cooter, the Lions offense has turned into a more efficient machine. The Lions should have beaten the Packers last week, losing on a Hail Mary, otherwise they'd be playing to get within a game of .500 after a 1-7 start. The Lions are just better. Way better.

CHIEFS -9.5 over Chargers
It's a division game, so I suppose I should regard San Diego a little less lightly, but this football team is not good, what with Melvin Gordon still learning how to become an NFL back. KC quarterback Alex Smith hasn't thrown an interception since Week 3! Tough to beat the Chiefs if they're not gonna spit the seed once in a while. The Chiefs are in line to go from 1-5 to start the season to finishing 11-5.

Saints/BUCS OVER 50.5
The Saints defense hasn't really gotten any better since the firing of Rob Ryan, and the Bucs defense has sucked nearly as badly. Both quarterbacks are capable of lighting it up, so let's not worry about who's going to win, let's just worry about whether the defenses can get a stop. (Hint: They can't.)

Seahawks -10.5 over RAVENS 
It looks like Matt Schaub will not be starting this game on Sunday, which normally would be cause for much sadness in Gambleville. However, it also looks as if his replacement will be Jimmy Clausen, who has already lost to the Seahawks once this season as a member of the Chicago Bears, in a game where the Bears punted on literally every possession. This spread can't go too high to bet it. 

PACKERS -7 over Cowboys
No way Matt Cassel can win two in a row on the road, right? 

Last Week: 1-5
Season Record: 35-48-1

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