College Football Police Blotter

Being an equal opportunity offender, and since my Longhorn pals have been sending these to me all day, it's only fair to note that UT isn't the only college program in the country with a police problem.

Iowa recently instituted a curfew for every night of the week, after another player was arrested for drunk driving, making the fifth Hawkeye to be arrested since July.

Further, two members of the Missouri football team were arrested this week, one for fighting, and another for throwing a party.

Meanwhile, LSU linebacker Derrick Odom was arrested for the second time in less than one month. And Florida State linebacker Geno Hayes and Florida State fullback Joe Surratt were reportedly arrested early this morning.

And let's not forget Montana cornerback Jimmy Wilson who recently pled not guilty to a murder charge, or the four Arizona reserves arrested last Friday for suspicion of underage drinking and driving.

So ends today's college football police blotter. -- John Royal


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