College Football Review: Week Three

So, was that an exciting weekend of college football? The Cougars won a game. Texas Tech won a game. And UT won the battle but lost the war.

I’ve got to start with the Longhorns. I know that when the ratings come out the Horns will probably still be in the Top 10. (How they’re able to maintain a 7 ranking, I just don’t understand.) After all, they did win the game. But if the UCF quarterback wouldn’t have been so turn-over prone, UT might have had its first loss of the season. This wasn’t an impressive performance by the Horns. That’s the third game in a row in which the Horns have won, but have failed to look impressive. UT got the 35-32 win, but I don’t think Oklahoma, Tech, or the Aggies are shaking in fear. But, UT fan, there is some good news. From what I can tell, none of your players were arrested over the weekend.

And Rice fan, I think we can forget about Rice making a second consecutive bowl appearance. I think the only reason Texas Tech broke into a sweat in its demolition of Rice is that the game was played in the bright yellow heat of a Saturday afternoon. The Texas Tech offense, as always, looked plenty scary. But let’s see what happens when Tech battles a good school.

On the bright side, Rice is playing the Horns this weekend, so there’s a really good chance that Rice will make the game competitive.

The Cougars defeated Tulane easily enough. And there’s no word (or video) of the mascot getting its ass kicked by a Green Wave, but UH still appears to have a bit of quarterback problem. Case Keenum, who started the game at QB, has already thrown more interceptions in this season (two games) than Kevin Kolb threw in all of last season. But the Cougars are now 1-1 on the season and their home opener comes this Saturday. I happen to like the game day experience at Robertson Stadium, so I hope that my readers will find it in themselves to venture out for the ballgame. (And for all of you people who like to bitch about the neighborhood around UH, have you ever seen the area around Southern Cal? UH is the far nicer place.)

The Aggies played a nonentity on Saturday, and the Aggies won. I guess Reveille was around to keep things safe. I do note that Fresno State, the team the Aggies could barely beat two weeks ago, was demolished by Oregon on Saturday. And Oregon has also defeated the Cougars, the Cougar mascot, and Michigan this season. But while the Aggies may have risen up to the number 20 spot in the AP Rankings I really don’t think they should feel too confident about what will happen come the start of the Big 12 season.

Touching on national games, how much do you think NBC is really hating that contract it has with Notre Dame? Notre Dame has yet to score an offensive touchdown this season. Wasn’t Charlie Weis supposed to be some kind of offensive genius? With Ty Willingham’s recruit Brady Quinn finally in the NFL, Weiss ain’t looking so smart. I can’t help but wonder if Weis is going to get the same treatment as Willingham, or does that kind of thing only happen to African-American coaches? Then again, maybe Weis’s problem is that he hasn’t been able to get his mentor Bill Belichick’s videotape spying system to work.

And leave it to the Domers to make Michigan look like a real football team. I wonder if Michigan is checking to see if Auburn’s on its immediate schedule.

And weren’t USC and LSU impressive in their victories this weekend? It’s increasingly looking like that, unless something drastic and incredible happens, USC and LSU will be playing each other for the national championship. Of course, in USC’s favor, it is beating up on a legit college football team, Nebraska, while LSU went to war against Middle Tennessee State.

But if LSU’s not careful, it’s not even going to win the SEC. Defending champion Florida demolished Tennessee Saturday. The desires of LSU fan aside, it’s possible that USC/Florida will be the best game in the country come January.

Of course, there’s still a long time to go. -- John Royal

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