College Football Roundup

If you’re a University of Texas football fan, about the best thing that can be said about Saturday’s game is that you’re not a Michigan fan (hey, Michigan, why hasn’t Lloyd Carr been fired yet?). But really, there’s no excuse for winning only 21-13. Did you see what Oklahoma did to North Texas? Did you see what the Aggies did to Montana State? That’s what Texas should have done to Arkansas State.

(And thank you Georgia Tech for sparing us from another season of the national media bombarding us with stories on the greatness that is Notre Dame. Hopefully the Domers, who weren’t even ranked coming into the season, will drop to the same place in the national consciousness currently held by Baylor – that is, Notre Dame won’t even be in the national consciousness.)

And Rice fans, it’s probably best to think of last season as an aberration. There’s no excuse for losing to Nicholls State. No, not even those long weather delays that halted play twice.

TSU? Well, better luck with Prairie View next season.

I should be disappointed with my Cougars. After all, at one point, they were actually tied 21-21 with Oregon. But unlike the Aggies, Horns and Owls, the Cougars actually played a legitimate Division One college football team on Saturday. And the Cougars played like can be expected. Like they always play. A high octane offense that can’t always convert when it counts. The Cougars have shown in previous years that it’s a team that can score quick. And often. But if it doesn’t put a team away early, it will probably find a way to lose.

Unlike the Owls however, at least the Coogs should be entertaining this season, even in defeat.

And so ends week one of the college football season.

Speaking of amateur football, I found some interesting Houston Texans videos on YouTube. A word of disclosure, I was part of Texans video board crew from season one until last season. And I’m fully of the opinion that the people running that thing have no frigging clue what they’re doing – which makes sense in that the rest of the Houston Texans organization seems to have no frigging clue of what it’s doing either.

And while I’ve yet to actually sit in the stadium and experience a game, the game presentation that I’ve watched from the video crew’s undisclosed location has been loud, obnoxious, tacky and gaudy – it’s like going to an Astros game (that might have something to do with the guy running the Texans video having been the guy who ran video at MMP when it opened).

Which leads me to these discoveries: according to what’s posted on YouTube, this is what we will be seeing right before kick-off and when a good play is needed by the defense.

First, can anybody who’s attended one of the preseason games tell me if this is these are the actual videos shown this season? Second, has anybody noticed that defense is misspelled in the second video (HT to my friend Vicki who spotted the misspelling – and no, I’m not talking about the use of “D” instead of “de” for the first syllable).

Though as awful as these videos are, nothing done by the Texans will ever compare to that video of Bob McNair last season, aired right before game one, in which Bob McNair equated the death of his dog Liberty to 9/11.

What can I say; it’s football time in Houston. -- John Royal

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