College Football Week 1 Recap: 10 Things

College football is back, and probably for the first time I can remember, the feeling that the return of football brought with it more than anything else was relief.

Finally, we can stop obsessing over agents, runners, tattoos, memorabilia and Nevin Shapiro. The games are here and even though most of the games Saturday were complete and utter boredom, it's still nice to have them back. It wasn't sirloin steak, it was barely an appetizer, it was more like the free chips at El Tiempo, but it was still tasty.

I'm thinking as a weekly deal, I'll recap the weekend that was in college football by unveiling my Top 10, with the top five being my actual top five teams and the second five being people or entities that figured prominently into the weekend's activities.

One disclaimer on how I construct my rankings of teams -- I am a "body of work" enthusiast. You are who you've beaten, not who I think you could beat.

With that said, there were really only four teams who accomplished anything that was even remotely impressive and/or clarifying this weekend.

Those teams comprise my top four. There's almost no reason to rank everyone else at this point. (Truth be told, there's actually no reason to rank any teams until mid-October, but I'll do it anyway for the sake of content.)

Here you go:

1. Boise State The most thorough ass-kicking of the weekend came from the Broncos right in Georgia's backyard. The 35-21 final score doesn't begin to do justice to how futile Georgia's efforts were. Take out the one 80-yard touchdown run in the first quarter and the Bulldogs rushed the ball 30 times for 57 yards. Mark Richt's seat is a week away from being highly flammable.

2. LSU I wavered back and forth on whom to make number one (not that it matters after one week, but I'm nothing if not thorough), in the end the deciding factor was Boise State doing it in a de facto road environment and LSU being a little less impressive offensively. But Jarrett Lee's numbers (10 of 22 for 98 yards) were a little deceptive in that he had several drops and managed the game just fine. I think LSU can Miles-ball their way to ten wins.

3. South Florida I think if Notre Dame played USF ten times, the Irish would win eight. Unfortunately for Brian Kelly and his team, they only play once. In a game that feels like it just finished like ten minutes ago due to two weather-related stoppages, USF took advantage of five turnovers, numerous dropped passes and several foolish penalties to come away with a 23-20 win. (And the weird thing is I actually still think the Irish can win ten games if they play Tommy Rees at quarterback.)

4. Baylor The Bears provided the one highlight-reel game (not involving a team from Utah) of the entire weekend as they came up big on the Friday-night stage with a heart pounding 50-48 win over TCU. Robert Griffin III was outstanding all game long and a late interception by a weary Baylor defense sealed the deal and set off the rowdiest set of Bible readings Waco has ever seen.

5. (tie) Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida State, Stanford, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin These teams comprise the rest of the public's top ten. Every single one smacked around either a non-AQ or FCS school by several touchdowns. All we know is these teams are good enough to beat bad teams, which within the context of the top ten means we know nothing. 5. The Rice "MOB" At halftime of the Rice-Texas game, the freewheeling Rice marching band spelled "$EC," taking a nice swipe at the Big 12-departing Texas A&M Aggies. Supporters of the MOB found it to be typically humorous, detractors continued to see it as the MOB showing off their ability to spell.

4. Brian Kelly's cardiologist Kelly arrived at Notre Dame last spring and immediately dropped a few dozen pounds so he could handle the stress of the new position. If he has many more Saturdays like this past one, he'll need to get down to Lou Holtz's weight to keep from having a coronary on the sideline.

3. Way too early Heisman ballot 1. Robert Griffin III 2. Kellen Moore 3. Andrew Luck

2. Way too early hottest coach's seats 1. Mark Richt (loss to Boise makes the game this weekend against South Carolina one of the most important of Richt's career) 2. Houston Nutt (loss at home to BYU) 3. Rick Neuheisel (loss at Houston)

1. Sacramento State It's not Appalachian State over Michigan, but it's in the neighborhood. Sac State beats the Beavers in. Corvallis and then LSU takes the Ducks to the woodshed. Bad week for the state of Oregon in football.

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