The end of the Miami/Duke game was indeed something to behold..
The end of the Miami/Duke game was indeed something to behold..

College Football, Week 9 — 4 Winners, 4 Losers

Before we get to a recap on the weekend that was in college football, let me get something off of my chest. We just finished up Halloween weekend, and as I sit here amidst a sea of empty candy wrappers, with a pancreas throbbing from sugar overload, I feel 100 percent qualified to make the following three proclamations:

1. My Halloween candy big board looks like this: 1. Twix, 2. Snickers, 3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, 4. Kit Kat. That's the Mount Rushmore of candy, the Four Horsemen of the Sweets-pocolypse. If you disagree, I feel firmly entrenched that I am right and you are wrong. (Also, please note, candy is only eligible for the Candy heavyweight Title if it's covered in chocolate. All fruity, non-chocolate candies are vying for the Candy Intercontinental Title.)

2. Butterfingers are terrible, and please don't try to convince me otherwise. (My co-worker Cody Stoots tried to and here's how it went.) It's not candy, it's chocolate covered shale combined with some weird Krazy Glue effect that allows the remnants to stay in your teeth for four days. Get that shit outta here. 

3. According to this map, Texas' favorite candy is candy corn. If this is true, we are embarrassing ourselves as a state. 

Ok, now onto winners and losers for the Halloween slate of games….


4. The AAC
This was a big weekend for the "best conference outside of the Power Five," with Houston taking on an SEC foe (Vanderbilt, but still, SEC!) and Temple hosting Notre Dame in a night game that was the centerpiece of College Gameday. I'd say the conference showed itself well. In a game where the Cougars were supposed to be flummoxed by Vandy's "stout defense," the Coogs did all the flummoxing, shutting down Vandy and doing enough on offense to win easily, 34-0. Meanwhile, the Owls showed up well on national TV, and only some late game magic between DeShone Kizer and Will Fuller kept Temple from pulling the upset, a 24-20 Irish win. Ironically, much like their Philly brethren Rocky Balboa in the first Rocky movie, the Owls got some serious respect in defeat. I'll say it right now, if the top three teams in the American faced off against the top three teams in the ACC on neutral fields, the American would win that series. (I think Memphis/UH would split with Clemson/FSU, however you seed them, and I think Temple is better than whoever the third place team in the ACC is.)

3. Big XII fans in November
When the Big XII was left on the outside looking into the College Football Playoff candy store last season, like poor little Charlie Bucket, they clearly went back to the drawing board to come up with a better formula to showcase their teams without the presence of a conference championship game. What they appeared to do was very smart — up until now, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State have not played each other.  They are a combined 30-1, with OU's loss to Texas the only blemish. So perception builds that the conference has four top teams. Now, November is one big football cage match between those four:

November 7: Oklahoma State at TCU
November 14: Oklahoma at Baylor
November 21: TCU at Oklahoma; Baylor at Oklahoma State
November 27: Baylor at TCU
November 28: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Thanksgiving weekend is going to be Wrestlemania!

2. Zombies
It was Halloween on Saturday night, so we got our fair share of costume shots in the stands. This was the best, though...

1. Miami
It's been quite the tumultuous seven days for the Hurricanes. It started with the 58-0 thrashing at the hands of Clemson last weekend at home, which led directly to head coach Al Golden's getting fired on Monday, which led directly to numerous poorly worded tweets from rapper Luther Campbell, which brought us to Saturday. The Canes taking on the Duke Blue Devils and laying 11 points. That's how bad it is right now — the Hurricanes basketball team is probably a smaller underdog to Duke hoops than the football team is to Duke football. But the ending of the game was glorious. No words needed, just watch….

When they say "a bounce here, a bounce there" in football changes everything, they're not kidding. How fortunate was Miami that the third lateral bounced PERFECTLY into that guy's hands? Just amazing. The replay review took over nine minutes and two reviews, which was death, but the play itself…WOW.


4. Kyle Allen
So two weeks ago, Kyle Allen was serving up pick sixes to Alabama like donuts that he brought into the office for everyone to share. Then last week, against Ole Miss, he had 22 consecutive passing plays that were either incomplete or negative yards. Eventually, Allen was replaced by perceived third stringer Jake Hubenak because freshman second stringer Kyler Murray apparently dog cussed OC Jake Spavital during the Alabama game. So this week Kevin Sumlin opened the QB job to a three way competition. The winner? Kyler Murray. The moral of the story is, if things are going bad, ALWAYS call your coach a fucking asshole. You'll be named the starter.

3. J.T. Barrett
Speaking of ill conceived quarterback competitions, J.T. Barrett finally took the reins of the Ohio State offense over from the chubby hands of Cardale Jones last week against Rutgers. It was a decision from head coach Urban Meyer that was long overdue. Barrett is the better college football quarterback. So how did Barrett spend the Buckeyes bye week? Well, apparently celebrating. And not driving very well. Or very sober. He got picked up for operating a vehicle under the influence, so….. 

To Urban Meyer's credit, unlike his tenure at Florida, he hasn't had a Buckeye player allegedly shoot two people yet. (What up, Aaron Hernandez?)

2. Mark RIcht
The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party was a laugher on Saturday, with Georgia losing to Florida and first year head coach Jim McElwain (early leader for the Coach of the Year Award) by a score of 27-3.  So far, we've seen the USC, South Carolina, and Miami jobs all open up in season. How soon until Georgia joins them on that list? In the "DID YOU KNOW?" category, DID YOU KNOW that, other than the 2012 season when Georgia took Alabama to the wire in the SEC Title game, in every season since 2007, Mark Richt has lost at least three games, been to zero BCS bowls, had two 5-loss seasons, and a 7-loss season? Well, he does. 

1. Texas
If you're Charlie Strong, how do you give back all of the equity gained from beating Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout? I'm not total sure, but losing 24-0 to Iowa State is a pretty good start.

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