College Presidents To Freshmen: Get Your Beer On!


, college presidents do something every student can endorse -- they're fighting to

lower the drinking age

to 18.

Something called the Amethyst Institute, obviously named by a drunk 18-year-old, has gotten more than 100 college presidents -- including those from Duke, Ohio State, Dartmouth and Whittier -- to sign a statement calling for the drinking age to be lowered.


Because they want to get laid, and they all look like college presidents. No sorority sister is giving it up for a 55-year-old dude with glasses unless she's got six Natty Lights and some jaegermeister in her.

Actually, the presidents boringly contend, lowering the age would reduce binge drinking and contempt for a law that is routinely ignored.

In case you're wondering, no local presidents signed the document. The only Texan we could find was J. Patrick O’Brien of Texas A & M University-West Texas.

And with a name like J. Patrick O'Brien, of course you're gonna be endorsing drinking. Slainte!

-- Richard Connelly

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