Colleges With Gay Support Services Must Also Have "Family Values Centers," Texas House Says

Late Friday night, while the eyes of the political world were focused on whether the federal government would shut down, the Texas House of Representatives took yet another bold step in ensuring that the state remains a laughingstock.

Any state college or university that uses state funds for one of those sordid dens on iniquity that go by the euphemistic name of "gender and sexuality centers" (read: "Gay & Lesbian Support Groups") must now also fund a Family Values Center.

The provision, part of a budget bill, was put forward by Wayne Christian of East Texas and passed 110-24.

Finally Family Values will get the same needed support that gays get. It is indeed a new day.

The legislative debate on the issue included Christian apologizing to the women in the gallery when someone asked him to define "pansexual," because you know how shocking and vapor-inducing that definition can be.

CHristian also said, according to the Dallas Morning News:

"I'm not treading on their rights to that, to teach alternative sexual behavior," said Christian, R-Center (right). But he said they must match it, dollar for dollar, with advocating heterosexual, "traditional values."

These gay centers apparently "teach alternative sexual behavior," which we guess means the finer points of fisting and strap-ons. As to what Christian means by teaching heterosexual values, well, the floor is open for suggestions.

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Richard Connelly
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